Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Travel Diary: Rosarito, Mexico

There's one thing I wanted to make sure I did this year and that was to experience different/new things and go to places I've never been. So far, I've done pretty good and kind of developed the mindset of just going for it. Which is the exact reason why I went to Rosarito, Mexico. I'm sure I've been there when I was little but not as an adult on my own type deal. So 5 girls on Spring Break was a great way to distress from work and enjoy myself. I loved it! As cliche as it sounds, I felt like a native and I definitely loved the vibes we were thrown. My favorite part was definitely the shopping and looking at all the trinkets and huaraches (sandals) to take home with me. During one the days there I took some pictures with my camera to make a little photo diary for the blog; so here it is! I hope you enjoy the pics!

Let me know where I should go next! 
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