Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Red-y for Summer

I've been dying to get myself the perfect two piece set. I've been on the hunt for one and have always wanted one in my wardrobe; low and behold I found it randomly, without even looking, at Forever 21! Of course! I love love this one not only because it's red but because of the intricate detail on the bottom and the back of the blouse. It just screams Summer and it screams Festival! Yes, Coachella is over but that doesn't mean the vibes are, especially not on my blog! You know when you get a new outfit and you love it so much that you have to wear it right away? That was me with this outfit. I threw it on for a casual Summer vibe and dressed it up wit these new brown sandals from Lola Shoetique that I happen to get on sale for $20! I topped the outfit off with this bold bronze/gold necklace to complete the look. After this outfit, I'm certain that this is just the beginning of my love for two piece sets this Spring/Summer. 

Set: Forever 21 | Sandals: Lola Shoetique | Necklace: Forever 21
Photography by: @Madfaithphotography

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Monday, April 25, 2016

Motivation Monday

Sometimes I just wish that we weren't always so caught up in all the social media that surrounds us. I sometimes wish that I could turn off the Instagram, Snapchat, etc, and just go away for awhile. But that is nearly impossible when you have a blog. I feel like now more than ever, it's so easy to get caught up of everyone's perception of perfection. You got all these girls posting their best on Instagram, and you got yourself questioning why you don't look like that. It's hard being a girl! During this day and age especially; with all the apps, surgeries, injections, gimmicks that surround us, it's hard not to wonder or get curious. But I feel like now it's time for us women to empower each other. Instead of comparing and contrasting with one another, we should be supporting each other to greater heights. Forget the looks and the highs that are portrayed on Instagram; we should be forming a bond to get us to be the best women we can be. Yes, looks are never not going to not matter to us, but there's more to us than meets the eye.
Now is the time to be selfish and fall so deeply in love with yourself that there's no reason to feel like you are not beautiful in your own way. Focus on you, do the things that excite you and scare you, get further in your goals, reach new ones, and be so concerned with yourself that you forget to be worried about anything else. There's room for all of us at the top and don't think anything different. Just because that girl on Instagram is pretty doesn't mean that you're not. Just because one is wearing something doesn't mean that you aren't beautiful and stylish in your own way. We're all different, we're all fearfully and wonderfully made, believe that!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

#KinasFestivalStyle Lookbook 2016 VIDEO!

Hey Loves! Now, would I be a true boho lover if I didn't create a festival lookbook to go along with my love for all things festival? To end my #kinasfestivalstyle lookbook, I decided to make the last 3 looks into a video! I wanted to do both video and pictures to get my creative juices flowing. I hope you enjoy the looks! All outfit details down below.

Videography by: @Madfaithphotography
Edited by: Me

Outfit 1:
Romper: Forever 21
Bandana: Love Culture
Sunglasses: Rayban
Boots: Dr. Martens c/o Robert Wayne Footwear
Backpack: Thrifted

Outfit 2:
Dress: Thrifted
Big Necklace: Forever 21
Initial Necklace: (old)
Belt: Local Boutique
Boots: Forever 21

Outfit 3:
Top: H&M Bathing Suit
Vest: Forever 21
Pants: Love Culture
Sandals: Love Culture
Bracelet: H&M
Necklace: Forever 21
Arm Cuff: Love Culture

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Monday, April 18, 2016

Motivation Monday

Do yourself a favor, don't complain. Try to not complain for an entire week and see the difference it makes in your life. We've become so privileged and used to getting certain things in our lives that we forget that we are in fact, privileged and lucky to be living the way we do. Nothing in this world is promised and we have to remember that. Everything that is in our possession and that is in our realm of living can be gone in an instant; and it is only then we realize that we never know what we have till it's gone. Take a moment to appreciate all that you have, all that is gained, and be grateful. Stop complaining and wishing that you were in a different position than what you're in now. You're here in this moment, at this place in your life for a reason. Call it fate, coincidence, or whatever you want to name it but it's called life and life is all about lessons. The only difference from going in the direction of where you want to be is your attitude.
Things don't come easy and they definitely don't come to those who complain about everything that surrounds them. Being grateful means that you are happy with the situation you're in; even if it feels like you're not moving. Having the patience and will to be content with the life you are in right now, will give you the growth you need to continue on with where you want to go. Make sure that you're not only talking about it but you become about it. Focus on the present, work towards the future and with hard work and determination, you'll get there. Good things come to those who wait but also who those who work their asses off. Not happy about something? Change it! Change your attitude and thoughts about it and work till you see the end result. Don't just talk the talk but prove that you can walk the walk.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

In The Red Direction

It's no secret, I love red, fringe, and anything that reminds me of the boho trend. Crop tops? Count me in! Flowy skirts? Yes please! So it's a no brainer why I gravitated towards this top at Forever 21 and immediately threw it in the bag. It consisted of two of my favorite things; fringe, and red! Instead of going with the crop top and shorts combo, I wanted to go for a more bohemian feel so I wore this white flowy skirt instead. I put on my new sandals from Mexico to break them in and introduce them to my Summer wardrobe. To amp up the boho feel, I added the silver necklace and cuff. Pop of red on the lips and I was good to go.

Top: Forever 21 | Skirt: Rhapsodielle | Sandals: Mexico | Necklace: Forever 21
Photography by: @Madfaithphotography

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