Monday, February 15, 2016

Motivation Monday

Happy Monday! Since starting this blog and repeatedly updating it daily for about 2 years, I can't imagine what else I would be doing in my free time. Now that this has become such a passion of mine, I can't see myself without it. Anyone else feel that way? This is no longer just a hobby but a dream and passion of mine to keep going. I know that to some people a blog is a foreign thing to them, they don't quite understand the concept or why I choose to do what I do. But I have to accept that not everyone is going to get it. That's why I'm doing it, not them! I do know one thing, this is going to be something I continue to do for as long as I want to. This is a dream of mine this is going to become a reality. Whichever direction it goes in, I know that I will be happy that I just made it. This mentality is the exact mentality you should have for your dreams. Socially, we are all judgmental and what we don't understand we constantly question. Not everyone is going to get it or accept certain things, but that's okay. You can't please everyone and you can't believe every person that tells you your dream isn't something worthy of going after.
Since I can remember I've always been a dreamer. I've been the one to call myself a dreamer and not associate with those who call themselves "realists". Being realistic to me is completely different to some other definitions people have for it. Don't be fooled when people say "be realistic", or "I'm just being real", their negativity is something you don't need to get sucked into. I mean yes, there are some instances where realism is key, but if they're just dumbing down your ideas, wants, or dreams, to hell with them! It is completely up to you to make what you want come true. No one can stop you. It takes a lot of dedication and focus; not to mention plenty of up and down moments. But the one thing that should keep you going is your end result, the feeling of making it. Keep your eyes on the prize, you'll get there.

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