Monday, February 1, 2016

Motivation Monday

Have you ever paused yourself for a second and realized the current situation you're in isn't what you want to be in? Let's call that a reality check. You're now all of a sudden realizing that those around you are the ones that are hurting you and hindering your growth. Yes, we love and cherish our close ones but do they help us in a positive way? It is in fact totally normal to know and realize that some of the closest people to you aren't the ones that you want to go to with a great idea or desire of yours. It happens. What you can do from that point on is know that that person isn't going to be your supportive growth spurt that you need but that's okay; you have yourself! There are plenty of people out there who have similar ideas and will cheer you on like you never thought people could do. These valuable people are going to be the ones you want to stick around. In most cases, you are who you hang out with.
The ones who are after a desire of their own, the ones who are constantly creating and putting in hard work and energy into what they want is exactly what you want to surround yourself with. If you're passionate about something and you find yourself around people who really have no drive, do yourself a favor and keep the focus on your dream. No one is built like you but believe me when I say that there are people out there who are going to set your drive higher. You'll surround yourself with them and their focus on completion will set your soul on fire. Their willingness to continue will make you strive for more. The level of tunnel vision that those just as passionate as you will rub off on you and be the motivation you need. If the saying "you are who you hang out with" rings true, make sure you choose wisely!


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