Monday, January 25, 2016

Motivation Monday

I hear it everywhere; you can have anything you want as long as you believe. Seems simple enough right? The hardest part is the part that requires faith. It seems that we were born to only believe in the negative and how possibly unnatural it is to think otherwise. I know from experience that it IS indeed hard to get your head wrapped around the idea. But one thing that I've realized is that both fear and faith require you to believe in something you can't see, it all depends on which one you want to give your energy too. Now, I know we're all smarter than that so we know that it is better to have faith. Faith and really trying to convince yourself that you are capable of things you never deemed possible is the biggest hump to get across, but it is the one that will get you to where you want to be.
ANYTHING in life can be yours. All it takes is hard work, dedication, focus, and a whole lot of faith! If things came to us so easily, we would never really hold the value in them once we get to the achievements. We wouldn't know the value of hard work and dedication. If things were easy then everyone would have them. It is up to those who think a certain way, believe a certain way, and act a certain way to get to their destinations. Do me a favor; before you expect anyone to be in your corner, rooting you on, become your own biggest fan first. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Know that what you want, you deserve and it will only be yours if you show the world you're worthy of having those desires. Nothing comes easy! Once you've convinced yourself of what can be, there's no stopping you. Nothing or no one can tell you otherwise. If you believe in yourself, anything is possible!

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