Monday, January 4, 2016

Motivation Monday!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! There is no time like the present to start fresh and get yourself on the right track. Although, I know how hard it can be going back to work and school after the long break. (Trust me, I'm not a fan either). Regardless, we gotta get up and make things happen. I'm not much of a person to say things like "2016 is my year" or "Lots of things in store for me this year!" I'm more on the "do the work on the down low and let my actions speak for themselves. When you continue to stay focused on what you want and keep drawing it up in your mind, you'll eventually speak it into existence where it has no choice but to come true. Of course, your work has to match your talk. That is why there's no time like now to discuss GETTING STARTED.
I know that majority of the times, we humans tend to wait for that "right moment" to happen, in order for us to go on and get things done. We wait for tomorrow, next week, when it feels ok to do and so forth. But in reality, we're waiting for a time that might never come. A lot of great things happen to us when we take the leap of faith within ourselves and go off on the chance. Being as it is the year 2016, it's about damn time we take chances and let them play out by themselves. We in no way can let fear control our actions, let alone our decisions. You might be in fear of failing or maybe you feel like you aren't where you want to be yet; but that's the problem, you'll continue to feel like you're not good enough and you'll let that determine your future. DO NOT your fear of the past of future ruin your present. Allow yourself the opportunity for trial and error, that's the only way you'll grow. When you take a chance on yourself and give yourself that boost that you need, the open road can lead you to so many options. But all it takes is that starting point. So this year make it a point to START, on whatever it is that you want to start on. Going off on chance and following through with action is going to be one of the most successful habits you'll gain in 2016, just remember to start. 

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