Monday, November 30, 2015

Motivation Monday!

Ask yourself what matters more; what people think about you, or what you ultimately think and feel about yourself? At this point in time with all the social media pressure that surrounds us with all the likes, comments, and standards that we feel like we have to keep up with, it's really hard to choose ourselves over choosing what it is that the people want. Being a blogger and constantly posting content, it IS hard to not ultimately think about what people think about you. You are constantly posting content to ultimately have people view your look and like it. But there's a fine line between having people enjoying your blog and having people liking it. No matter what though, through this whole process and throughout life, we have to remember that whatever we do has to ultimately make ourselves happy. When you start doing something because you think it'll please others or make them happy, that's how you know you've gone too far.
When it becomes more of a chore and figuring out what it is that pleases people, rather than what makes you happy to do, you've gotten to the point of only caring about others opinions. You've sucked the fun out of why you started and simply have gotten lost in the midst of trying to fit in. The whole point of being YOU is that you are different, you are here to show people what it is about that makes you stand out. That is simply why I refuse to conform myself and my "brand" to what is more fitting into the blogger world. You have to continue doing what makes you happy because your success is going to come because of YOU and how you are, not what others want you to be. Show the world what you're made of and remember to do it with pride! Most importantly, stay honorable, true, and be yourself.


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