Monday, October 26, 2015

Motivation Monday!

Note to self, you're doing a fine job! It's no secret that we as the human race are naturally just hard on ourselves. We are our own worst critics. I especially think that now more than ever, with the social media that consumes us; the filters, photoshop, and materialistic values we see, it's much harder to learn to love ourselves and appreciate the value of being our own person. I had a thought the other day and I realized to myself that our future generation is going to have tough times trying to love themselves in their own skin. We are surrounded by a generation where we focus on having the perfect curves, big lips, colored eyes, "make up on fleek", etc. That's definitely not how it should be. I don't want my future children to constantly be in a battle of trying to uphold society's standards of what they should look like. It's very easy to stare at pages of Instagram and start comparing yourself to the likes, followers, and the perfection we see in a photo. I do it to myself all the time. But what we're missing is that if we were all the same, then we would never be unique and different.
Start with looking inside of yourself, the values, and the standards you uphold to yourself. Write down 5 things that you absolutely love about your personality. Find the things that set you apart from the others. Once you find them out, LOVE them, embrace them and know that that is what makes you YOU. Then look at yourself in the mirror and pick five beauty traits that you have. Look at them as if you've never noticed them before. See that you were given your nose for a reason or your hair for a reason. I used to hate my big lion frizzy hair so much! I always had to straighten it or do something to it because I never wanted anyone to publicly see the mess it was. And it wasn't until recently that I've started to embrace my natural hair because there are others out there who love it. 

They are the people who convinced me that it is not as bad as I thought it was. I naturally compare myself to others, if I had colored eyes or if I was a little bit more busty then maybe I'd be happier..right? It's then when I look deeper at myself that I realize that I AM ME, and I am me for a reason. I can't compare my journey or my growth to someone else's and just because it looks like they're further than me doesn't mean that I am not going anywhere. For all the bloggers and such, don't compare yourself to the likes or the followers that you believe you don't have. Just because you aren't there yet DOES NOT mean that you aren't doing just fine. Believe me when I say that opportunities arise and people are watching, so don't get down on yourself. Keep on doing what you're doing and know that you are doing just fine! YOU'RE DOING THE BEST YOU CAN! You are you, love yourself and embrace it.


  1. You gotta listen to Hailee Stenfield "Love Myself"
    Perfect anthem for this post! Haha
    Thank you for this :)

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  2. such a great post, really enjoyed reading it! :) x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS


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