Friday, September 11, 2015

Dark Matter

I've always been a fan of anything backless. That along with cut up high waist jeans and we got ourselves a win. When Znu sent me this crop top, I knew I had to wear it this Summer while I can! I Instantly fell for the print and the backless detail of it. Before I got girly like always I decided to rock this in a "darker/edgier" form. I know I don't wear a lot of pants (I actually dislike them) so I decided to challenge myself and go digging for some that I haven't worn in awhile. I wanted this outfit to have different elements to it hence the ripped jeans. I hardly wear heels so I decided to dress up with this one. I recently got these heels from Target and I love them because I know I'll last in them due to the thick platform. The lipstick adds a nice touch and the jean jacket was for a pop of color.
Top: Znu || Pants: H&M || Heels: Target || Purse: Forever 21 || Jacket: Marshalls
Photography by: @Donnydoquisa

So let me know what you think, is this something you would wear? Don't forget to check out Znu and check out their site for affordable cute clothes! And leave a comment below, I'd love to know what you think! Be sure to subscribe to my: 
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