Tuesday, August 11, 2015

River View

Someone the other day told me that the LA River belonged to the people of the city and that's why we're allowed to go inside of it. Not too sure if it's true or not but it makes for a fun story to tell. Besides the fact that the water is dirty and it doesn't make it look so pretty, this is an iconic place that helps make LA what it is. I swear I'll never get tired of this city and its endless cool places to find. 

Anyway, I've never been a big fan of sunglasses. I don't know why but I've always felt like I looked dumb with them on. Maybe it's because I just feel like I have this thing on my face and its impairing my vision. (I wear contacts by the way) However, most recently I have reacquainted myself with these vintage Raybans that I found in my garage (major score!) and I just wanted to style them so badly. Wearing sunglasses makes it easier for you to take an #ootd because you don't have to put so much emphasis on smizing as much; at least that's what I think. What better way to go with the color scheme of the glasses than a gray crop top and some classic boyfriend jeans?! Top it off with some major neck bling and platform shoes and I scored myself some major cool girl points.

Top: Forever 21 | Pants: H&M | Shoes: H&M | Sungalsses: Raybans
Photography by: @Donnydoquisa

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  1. great outfit sweetie!!
    kisses from dubai ♥

  2. Love this outfit, some really great pics!


  3. Wooow! Beautiful post my dear!!! This is my new post !!! http://blondelafemme.blogspot.ru/2015/08/blog-post.html Welcome,dear! ))

  4. love your jeans! It's perfect! so pretty look! love your style!

    Welcome to my blog RITALIFESTYLE

    1. I love these jeans and they're so comfy! Thanks love!

  5. Love the casual/chic outfit here! I definitely have to go shoot here soon! :)
    Those shoes are everything!


    Check out my new post!

    1. Yes, so many places to shoot in LA! Thank you for your comment love!

  6. Lovely outfit! You look great!



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