Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Sometimes all it really takes is a good pair of shorts and a cute tee to feel your best; especially in this California heat. Simplicity is key, sometimes. I might take it up a notch with my outfits and go above and beyond simply because I hate feeling plain jane. So as I continue on with my style, I'm learning how to be simple and yet still be cute at the same time. Take these pair of shorts for example, they're just some denim shorts but the lace detail at the bottom is what adds a little extra pretty to the otherwise simple outfit. I could've gone with a plain white t-shirt as well but the gold polka dots were going to help me get to the point of being simple and yet not too plain. These sandals from Call it Spring were just the perfect touch of cute to finish off the outfit.
T-shirt: Lucy & Lyla  || Shorts: DIY || Sandals: Call It Spring
Photography by: @Madfaithphotography

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  1. You look so cute ! Love the shorts !


  2. So cute! I had so much fun when I had my photo shoot there, such a pretty place!
    Love the shorts with the lace detail! :)


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    1. Thanks Genesis! :) I love the place because the lighting is on point haha.


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