Monday, July 13, 2015

Motivation Monday!

Happy Monday! I was seriously so sad that I couldn't get a #MotivationMonday post up last week, I literally felt like a failure. (a bit dramatic, but you get the point) I guess since I've been so consistent with them since I started I totally forgot to prep one before I went on vacay. Please forgive me! Anyway, onto today's post! This one is for your self confidence. We've heard it before, "you gotta love yourself before anyone can love you", "think greatly of yourself", "be confident", and the cliche list goes on. We all know this but sometimes it's so hard to stay focused on loving yourself especially with all this social media where woman are portraying themselves to be perfect. But let's get real, NO ONE IS PERFECT. That's not how they actually look. Greatness starts with you! This is 100% true in every aspect of life. The only way we can achieve or attract positive in our lives is if we start feeling good within ourselves and about ourselves.

It is all a mindset. What you think, you become. So if you think of yourself as this ugly, horrible person that is exactly what you're giving out to the world. Sounds pretty simple right!? And yet, we find ourselves having trouble with understanding this and actually living this way. It's like a domino effect, one good thought produces another good thought and it keeps going. But you have to start it with yourself! You need to love what you got! List things that you love about yourself, physically or mentally, there has to be something! And really focus on them. Once you begin the focus on that there is going to be more goodness that keeps coming to mind. There's nothing better when you feel amazing and it shows! Your confidence will exude and definitely rub off on others. You'll inspire someone else to do whatever it is that you're doing and so they'll begin the cycle too. Remember that what you're getting in life all begins with what you're thinking about so be sure to think of only the best!


  1. Totally agree with this post! Beauty starts with the inside :) Great points here!


    Looks by Lau

  2. Nice inspiration post! Have a great weekend!

    Zapatos Rojos

  3. great post :)
    kisses from dubai ♥

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    1. Glad you agree Shannon, have a great week! :)


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