Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Abandoned Land

Call me a lover of wanderlust or whatever the case may be but, lately I've been addicted to exploring the world around me. Sure, I love fashion and I love modelling my outfits but I think that my passion goes beyond that as well. I love to challenge myself and have my body and mind reach different places than where it has been before. I'd like to reach different heights and go beyond the realm of just standing for a picture. I think that with different poses you are able to see the outfit for how it really is. With that being said, today's post takes us to some good ol' abandoned land. My friend/photographer Maddie and I made it out to a place where we got our creative juices flowing. This outfit was a day outfit that I had picked out with no intention of getting down and dirty but of course I made it work. The lovely dress is from Target and I decided to add some height with my flatforms. Just in case there was a breeze I threw on a denim jacket to make it casual.

Sorry in advance for the picture overload, I just love them all!

Dress: Target | Jacket: Marshalls | Flatforms: H&M
Photography by: Madaline Martinez

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  1. SO stunning as usual! That dress is perfect with your skin tone.


  2. Pretty dress and shoes.
    I love it

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  3. This is such a fun summer look! I love the bold colors :)


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