Thursday, June 4, 2015

Recap: Conquer_LA + OOTD

By far, one of best experiences of my life was going to Conquer_LA! It completely opened my eyes to the world of street art/photography. Like you all know, my friend/photographer Maddie aka @MadFaithPhotography has quite the eye and ever since she started her photography account we've come in contact with lots of photographers (which I'll also call artists) from around the city. If you follow me on instagram here then you know that I've been going to Downtown LA in search of the best rooftops for the best views! It seriously is a rush and every time I go, I'm always amazed at the beauty of the city at night. So with that being said we came across the Conquer_LA meet on instagram. It was basically an invitation calling all photographer or lovers of photography to meet at a certain place in LA and basically mob it around the city shooting different things. 

Everyone was welcome! I had taken my camera but ended up only taking pictures with my iPhone. The coolest part but most nerve wrecking was when I posed for Maddie and once people saw me posing they all started taking pictures. But that was what this whole thing was about, find something picture worthy and you just start snapping away. The beauty of it is that you can only imagine how many different angles and visions not only one but many people can get from the main object of focus. There was so much creativity in the air I seriously think I'm still high from it all. 

The pictures I'll be sharing are some from my iPhone and pictures that others have sent to me on Instagram that they shot of me. Be sure to check out their Instagram pages for some serious inspiration! I'll be tagging them all.

Pictures taken with my iPhone:

Picture taken by @dr.fresh

Pictures taken by @madfaithphotography:

Pictures taken by @hecturtle:

Picture taken by @ev_alexander:

Picture taken by @jsilvar14_:

Picture taken by @ihazel_:

Photo taken by: unknown (I couldn't find the owner)

Dress: Local Boutique | Shoes: Adidas from | Jacket: H&M

Now do you see what I mean when I said could you only imagine the different angles and versions one can get from just one object of focus! I seriously loved all of these pictures and I enjoyed meeting new people who love the same passion as I do. If you ever make it out to L.A. and are curious, you should definitely try this out! So let me know what you think, did you enjoy the post? What else is there to see in L.A.? Leave a comment below, I'd love to know what you think! Be sure to subscribe to my: 
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