Monday, June 8, 2015

Motivation Monday!

 Happy Monday! We're well into the month of June and now is the time to stay focused. A lot of the time we are so used to allowing unfortunate circumstances get the best of us. We seem to think that everything that happens to us is a reflection of ourselves and our ability to combat life. The hardest part of becoming a positive uplifting person is convincing yourself of the unthinkable. From personal experience I would say this is the hardest thing but the best that you could do for yourself. I'm very aware that I am a person of positivity. I believe that whatever I want could be mine. So it's no doubt that sometimes I feel like I can or should be able to control everything and sometimes, that's just not the case. In order to keep moving forward you have to remember that some things are not in your hands to control but what is in your control, is your thought process.

Things happen for you when you stop focusing on not having them. So that goes to say that the only time you will make progress in your life is if you let go of what you want and just believe that it'll happen. You're doing yourself a favor when you shift your mindset to just accepting that all good things are coming to you. There are going to be times where you feel like the bad is never ending but you have to have PATIENCE and believe that this is all just a hump in the road that you need to overcome to get to the next place. Once you're in that state of happiness that you want to be in you'll look back and be grateful for all that you accomplished. You'll know in your heart that you did your very best there and you'll appreciate it that much more. Great things happen when you least expect them to. That is because you finally let go of your focus on them. You're allowing the universe to work for you instead of trying to figure everything out. You have to let go. Just remember to keep on keeping on and take control of your mind and let it only think thoughts of benefit you. No matter how hard it is. Things will happen when it's their time; wait for it.

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