Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Recap: LA Weekly's Artopia 2015

Happy Tuesday! Last Thursday I ventured out of my normal week routine and made my way to L.A. Weekly's Artopia which was an event meant to show the culture and art scene of Los Angeles. Now more than ever am I interested in doing what I would call "different" things than what L.A. has to offer, which is why I was attracted to going to this shin dig. It was held in Los Angeles Arts District at The Container Yard. Seriously though, the Arts District is a place that I've been loving more and more each time I visit. As soon as my friend Maddie and I walked in we were hit with Debi Cable's 3D Blacklight Experience which I can say was my favorite part of the whole thing. I was instantly in awe of the paint and the feel of the neon colors jumping out at me. We were given 3D glasses which amplified the whole thing. The fact that I wrote white and blue stripes helped me glow in the dark and I was having way too much fun with it. 

They had free alcohol tasting which was a nice touch. As we made our way to other parts of the place, we were hit with the Factory of Fornication as one of the woman called it. There we saw live naked body painting and a sort of interesting shadow dancing to say the least.

The next room had lots of vendors with goods such as cute jewelry and lots of paintings. I was seriously in awe of it all. We noticed a little photo shoot going on over on the side and we just had to get in line to participate. It was all part of Mud Baron's #Flowersonyourhead - let me just say one thing, BEAUTIFUL! We really enjoyed laying down and surrounding ourselves with flowers as if we were laying in a flower field.

Finally making our way outside, I was glad to see lots of food trucks and great music along with some great energy from Los Angeleans; Enjoying the last of the event in great bliss!

Dress: Forever 21 | Shoes: Adidas from Asos | Jacket: H&M

All photo credit goes to my beautiful friend Maddie! Not to mention the video footage, which will be turned into my very first vlog so keep a lookout for that later this week! So let me know what you think, did you enjoy the post? What else is there to see in L.A.? Leave a comment below, I'd love to know what you think! Be sure to subscribe to my: 
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  1. Love this! I wish there were cool things like this in Michigan! <3 Looking amazing as always!

    xoxo Lisa

    1. It was definitely a fun first experience! You should look around, I'm sure there's different things around there! :)


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