Monday, May 18, 2015

Motivation Monday!

Happy Monday! I know I know, it's Monday again. But fear not, anytime or any moment can be the moment that you've been waiting for. The only thing that is holding you back is YOU. Now is the time to start changing your future and your life with the way you think. This is a difficult thing to process even for me. But when I finally get a hold and great grasp on the idea, when I finally start to follow through with the ideas, things start to change for the better. It'll be a hard and challenging transition but when finally there, it'll be worth it. You must think that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE because in all reality, IT IS! You just really have to get used to the idea. We were constantly taught to be realistic and to not think too big because it wasn't possible. When you finally find out that there's more than just the average, you've had an epiphany and realize that you've been living mediocre.

One thing that you must get used to is that there are going to people that are close to you that aren't going to agree with your way of thinking. But trust me, that is completely OKAY. Your way of thinking and your positive outlook on wanting more is going to show you who to keep around and who to really leave behind in the dust. Don't let the "realists" knock your dreams down by their usual beliefs. You owe it to yourself to stay true to you and what you want. Don't get sad when people try to contradict your thinking or say it is wrong. It says more about them than it does you. It just means that you are above them and are willing to live with more. Remember to think BIG. In the words of Rob Hill, Sr. "People who lack faith hate when you have hope. Everything is "unrealistic" to a pessimistic mind." Remember that the people who call themselves "realists" aren't really realists if all they care to mention are the negatives. Don't stop being a dreamer or lover just because the realists are too weak to do either.

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