Monday, May 4, 2015

Motivation Monday!

Happy Monday! New month, new week so it's time to get your focus back on track and refreshed. Think back to last week and the things that you wanted to go but maybe couldn't get to. Today is the day to start getting to those things. Whether it's a tiny step or a big leap, you have to remember that progress is still progress no matter how big or small. You have to be your own motivation through it all. Constantly tell yourself that you CAN do it. Tell yourself that you ARE worth it and actually believe it. Whatever it is that you desire, put your heart and soul into going for it and it should come in no time. 
All it really takes is the first step. It's like you know you should do it, you know that you should start but there's that little negative voice in your head holding you back. You keep finding excuses or you keep avoiding the start. But trust me, once you finally let go of all the possible excuses that have been getting in the way you will finally lead yourself to the possibilities of the future. Your positive vibes will just flow to you and you will lead yourself to the next step you need to be. If you follow your bliss and completely put your heart into it, the universe will provide you with all that is needed. Everything will just fall into place. The questions you've been asking, the things you've been desiring; all will be provided and answered if you just start. Be brave enough to follow your bliss and sooner or later you will have found yourself.

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