Thursday, May 7, 2015

I've Got Sunshine

Happy Thursday! Ever since I first laid eyes on rompers I knew that we would have a life long affair. To me they are just the perfect thing to wear when you can't quite put one and two together. Not to mention their comfortability and effortlessness. I recently bought this romper from Forever 21 and the rich yellow color is what sold me. I was stepping out to a late brunch with my friends for a girlfriend's birthday so I still wanted to look put together. I went for a more casual chic look and wore my new sandals from Lulu's. I liked the contrast with the black because I would typically go for a brown sandal. I added the belt to add more shape to my waist. Of course, I couldn't forget some neck candy! 
Romper: Forever 21 | Sandals: 

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  1. Love the yellow, it really suits you! :)

    Check out my latest!

  2. Love the bright yellow romper on you! I'm always on the fence with rompers because of the bathroom issue. Lol. But everyone makes them so easy to wear!

    Maggie S.

    1. haha yeah, I think about that too and it's definitely a struggle. But they are definitely comfy!

  3. Love the shoes!




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