Monday, April 13, 2015

Motivation Monday!

Happy Monday! One of the most key pieces I've learned through my recent experiences of life is that what I put out, I get in return. This is true for all aspects of life. After reading The Secret and learning about the Law of Attraction I now know that I attract everything that happens in my life. The more you believe for something to be true, the more you are summoning it to you. So if you think that your job sucks or your life isn't going the way you want it to, the more experiences and feels that your life and job sucks you are attracting to yourself. One of the hardest things to do (believe me, I know) is to change your attitude towards things that we aren't happy with. But this is the KEY to changing your realities around you. 

So before you start your Monday off on the wrong foot, really take a look at your life and realize what it is that you are doing wrong. Maybe you aren't getting what you want because you are the one blocking yourself from the breakthrough. Change your thoughts, change your physical reality and it shall mirror back to you. Begin to love your life for what it is, start saying how much you love everything and soon enough you will begin to alter your reality to the way you want it to be. Change yourself first and the rest will change due to your reflection. Even when you find yourself being negative, with all your might try and change your thinking of the situation. Believe to yourself that being positive now and ignoring the negativity will get you your true happiness.


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