Monday, March 9, 2015

Motivation Monday!

Happy Monday! I feel like I am finally getting into the groove of things and now more than ever do I feel motivated to accomplish many things. I know that in order to get to where I want to be, I have to put in a ton of work. Countless hours of behind the scenes tasks that nobody sees you doing is what's going to get you further in life. I think it might have been my birthday that gave me a new mindset, or a fresh pair of eyes if you will, that has me going forward! 

I've been reading a lot and trying to find what methods work best for me in trying to stay positive and happy. A lot of reading of motivational posts from always helps me stay in perspective of what I want. It is proven that when you stay happy and grateful of your life and what you have, you will receive much more than you could ever imagined; but that's only if you stay on track of your blessings and stay focused.

This quote really got to me because it made me realize a lot. We as humans always wait for the "right" moment to do something. Whether it's going to the gym or waiting till we're satisfied with ourselves and our lives to really aspire something. When in reality, there is NO right or perfect time. Most of the great things that happen to us are all random surprises. But I bet you you could say that they were blessings! That's the beauty of life. A lot of things JUST HAPPEN, but when they do, it's their right time. What we need to do is take initiative and work at making this time our RIGHT time! Anytime you try and make something happen, you are making progress! You are working towards something. Whether it falls through or not you are learning and growing for the main event. So stay focused, remember how bad you wanted it in the first place and make it happen now.

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