Sunday, February 15, 2015

Motivation Monday!

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and enjoyed themselves. Now it's back to the week grind so let's stay on track! 

Lately I have been persistent on staying focused on the book The Secret and its principles. The main principle is Law of Attraction which basically means you attract what you think about most. Now, it's tough at first to understand but once you get the hang of it, it can be one of the greatest tools to success you can have. I've learned and realized now more than ever that I am what I think about most. Our minds can be our greatest friend or our worst enemy. But we are the controller of it all. You can either let your mind control you or you condition your mind to do the best for you. This goes hand in hand with over thinking and letting our thoughts run wild. When you let that happen, you begin to attract more of the same negative things. Do you ever notice when something bad happens to you and the more you think about it, you start to think of other bad things? It's a downward spiral and cycle. 

Instead of letting our mind run wild, let it serve you instead. Condition yourself to think that all good things are coming to you. Once you get to this point you are able to attract anything you want. You will see the difference between controlling your mind rather than letting it control you. Don't be a slave to it. The more you think about all the good in your life, the more good will come to you. Happiness and joy is a state of mind, it's a perception that you think about. The more I let go, and let my mind control me, the more demanding it becomes. Instead, I will train my mind to think of nothing but the best. I want to attract the best for myself and so to do so I have to dream it and believe it first. What you think about you bring about, so think good! Let your mind serve you in all goodness. Remember that what you think and feel, you become- so make sure you're thinking only the best!

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