Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Gray Day

Happy Tuesday! How are you doing this fine day? The weather has done a complete 180 over here and now it's all gray skies and rainy days. Of course, I'm not complaining because I love me some rain every once and a while. I decided to match my outfit with the weather. I pulled out an oldie but goodie sweater shirt from Forever 21 that I got years ago. It was a statement especially with the black cross on it. I wanted to show off my silver Forever 21 flats so I thought it was perfect to go for a one color, color palette. To avoid being all 50 shades of gray, I topped the outfit off with a blue tone cardigan.
Shirt: Forever 21 | Pants: H&M | Flats: Forever 21 | Cardigan: TJ Maxx | Lipstick: Rimmel Provocalips

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