Monday, January 5, 2015

Motivation Monday!

Happy Monday! It is the first Monday of the year and time to get right. Among social media and our peers there has been a lot of "New year new me", "This year is mine", and the list goes on. For me as a person I've never been one to brag until my plans are set in motion. I don't like to blast everything all over my platforms just to prove a point. I know it's kind of narcissistic of me to roll my eyes when people say that but it's always "Actions speak louder than words" for me! 

That's why this week I'm focusing on the motto of JUST DOING. Whatever it is that you want to accomplish or achieve, just do it. Put your plan in motion. Don't make excuses for yourself or why this can't happen just keep going. It is seriously too soon in this new year to start doubting yourself and your plans already. If you don't know it already, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. I have learned that first hand. And whether you're a negative Nancy and don't believe in it because nothing has happened for you, I'm here to tell you that you need to start believing positively in order for things to roll. You can't live happily and freely if your mind is always in doubt. Everyone has big dreams but only few of us actually achieve them. And that all has to do with action. Taking the action to do something is far more rewarding then not because you don't want the close ones around you to think you're silly or crazy for reaching so high. If someone really cares about you or believes in you they WILL support you in all your dreams and aspirations, no matter what! 

This year just keep going! Stay consistent and don't give up! Whether it be with work, fitness, or anything else just keep at it. The work you put in will get you much farther than you can ever imagine but you have to try! Do everything in your power to start working on things you want. It's your life so live it in all aspects. So make sure this week you just GET SH*T DONE! 


  1. That, too, is my motto for this year! I think alot of times we get so caught up in plans that we forget that its ACTION that makes things happen! Dreaming is not enough!

    This is my goal for this year too! Getting alot of shit done!

    1. Yes! I totally agree with you! Putting your mind to it is what gets you there! Happy New Year!

  2. Aw I love this!! This is the perfect piece of motivation for the start of the new year, especially for us bloggers. Can't wait to see what you'll accomplish in 2015!!


    Looks by Lau

    1. Thank you Christina! Yes, a lot of the times my motivation is me talking to myself to keep on going. I can't wait either! :D


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