Tuesday, December 30, 2014

One Direction Electroglam Makeup Kit REVIEW!

It's almost 2015! Ahh! I'm so excited and ready for a fresh start. Although, I believe you don't need a whole new year to start making changes. But the whole idea of a fresh new year to make new moves and memories is what makes me excited. Anyway, today I have a makeup kit review! I had received the first set of One Direction make up previously and recorded a video about it here but they have now come out with an Electroglam line! I totally jumped at the chance to review this because of the electric color mascara! I've always wanted to try colored mascara so I was excited to see the blue, pink and yellow colors. 

I tried on the blue and pink mascara to see how well the mascara kept up and to see if the color was really pigmented and YES it was! This is something I totally would use for a fun music event or even for a day that I feel like being daring. This is how the color came off and I didn't even curl my eyelashes so I was really happy with the outcome. I definitely love the blue more than the pink just because it pops out more. 

The cute nail polishes are full of glitter and they come with little glitter containers for some extra fun! I really can't wait to add these glitters to my nail polish collection, they're so beautiful and rich! 

And last but not least the lipglosses are definitely something I could add to my make up collection. I like that they're glossy but definitely not the sticky kind (think 7th grade). They have some glitter in them but not too much. The pink colors are pigmented and come off on the lips but the orange is definitely more of a clear gloss. Either way, they're good for a day casual basis.

Overall, I give this kit a thumbs up because it's definitely something I can use on myself. The color mascara is something I've been wanting to try and the fact that it works makes it worth keeping. These kits are on sale now and can be found at: 


Stage Stores
Beauty Brands
Lord & Taylor

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    1. Thank you for stopping by! I'll check out your blog right now! :)

  2. These bold colors are amazing!! I definitely wouldn't be able to pull off the mascara haha but it looks awesome on you! Looking forward to more of your posts in 2015 :)


    Looks by Lau

    1. Thank you Christina! haha I was really digging the blue! Happy New Year!

  3. these collection very nice and fabulous color combination I like it really its looking like Dreams dresses just way I like it

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    1. Thank you for stopping by! :) Sure, I'll check out your blog now!


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