Monday, December 22, 2014

Motivation Monday!

Happy Monday! I hope you all are having a fantastic first day of the week. Christmas is near and this year is coming to an end, I can't even believe how fast this month has flown by! Before I got into my New Years resolutions I wanted to focus a bit more on being thankful for what is. I know that around this time a lot of us begin to refocus ourselves on what we want to bring to our life the coming year. But what we should also do is continue to be grateful for all the goodness that has came to us this year. Most importantly, before we start thinking "I'm definitely changing this and that next year." We should see what it is that we take for granted or overlook because we've gotten so used to having it all the time. The simplest things that we have are the most important! Even though Thanksgiving was a month ago, we should continue our thankfulness. The more thankful and grateful we are the more we will bring upon us. 


Always keep things in perspective. It is the best way to start your process of deciding what it is that you want to bring to your life in the new year. I know a lot of people say that most say that they're going to change or do this differently in the New Year but end up not sticking to it; DON'T BE THAT PERSON. Follow through to whatever it is that you want! You owe it to yourself. But just remember to keep things in perspective before you start pointing at the things that you don't have yet. You are far more wealthier than you think. So your number one resolution should be to BE THANKFUL. ALWAYS! Remember these top ten simple things and you'll definitely enrich your life more on top of achieving your new years resolutions. 


  1. I know, I live in germany, everyone around is complaining...but, should stop complaining and be thankful to live in such a great country, who really cares about the people and their life!

    xoxo Colli // my blog - tobeyoutiful

    1. I totally agree with you! Thank you for reading and Merry Christmas! <3

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