Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving! + OOTD

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Now is the time to relax, eat, and enjoy the time with your loved ones! I hope you all are enjoying a great day filled with food and love! I just wanted to quickly share with you a Thanksgiving inspired outfit; this dress from FOREVER 21 has become a favorite of mine. I recently bought it and I loved the different colors it had, very fall-y! I also recently got these camel boots as well, which I love! The heel is a bit high but the platform in the boot makes it totally comfy. I went for the boho vibe of course; adding the beige fringe cardi and silver accessories. I topped the look off with MAC's matte lipstick in "Pander Me" - the Kylie Jenner lip color everyone is raving about. 

On another note, I wanted to be thankful for all of YOU that actually read my blog on a daily basis! You support me in more ways than one, I could never repay you! Blogging is definitely something that I love to do and if it wasn't for the readers, I wouldn't get really far! So thank you! Today we woke up healthy and alive! We are lucky enough to be able to eat what we want, when we want, and with whom we want; that is HUGE! Let us be thankful for this day not only for this special time but for the days that follow as well. I am thankful for the love circle of friends and family that surround me and continue to bless me in plenty of ways. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!
Dress: Forever 21 | Boots: Forever 21 | Cardigan: H&M

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  1. I love everything about this outfit. The dress is such a winner for me. Your necklace is beautiful too! :)


  2. Happy Thanksgiving love!! You look so gorgeous here. I absolutely love the print of your dress and the lipstick shade!! I tried to buy it but of course it was sold out :/ Hope you enjoy your weekend!


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    1. Thank you Christina! Aww, boo! I hate when that happens! ;/ I'm sure it'll restock! :)

  3. So freaking jealous of your warm Thanksgiving, mine was freezing!
    You look stunning as usual.

    1. Thank you Kierra! I'm actually looking forward to it getting colder haha I need some change! :P

  4. I love this dress and it definitely screams boho chic! Love the details and boots as well! Perfect for the holidays :)

    Check out my latest post :)

  5. You are beautiful and absolutely radiant! :) I think I would wear is such a cute outfit!

  6. Such a cute look! Love the bohemian vibe you have going on here. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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  7. Love the colours of your dress. Xx


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