Monday, October 13, 2014

Motivation Monday!

I hope you all are having a lovely start to yet another great week! I am feeling a little bit sick, but I know it will be going away soon! Nonetheless, I wanted to let you know that you should still try your best this week! Not everyone is as lucky to get another fresh week of work, school, etc. But since you are, you're one of the few; so do great! 

Often times when we're angry we say a lot of things that we don't necessarily mean. It's like "word vomit." Once we get started it keeps coming out. It is our mind filled with fury where we just feel like letting it all out. And often times when the heat dies down, we realize that maybe we shouldn't have said all the things we did. The "I'm sorry, I only said that because I was mad" line starts being said to our loved ones. Being so angry where you feel like saying whatever mean words that you can think of is kind of like being brainwashed. Something takes over my mind where I can't seem to think rationally or think certain things through. 

When you're angry, mad, upset, or just not feeling right - try to think to yourself if this will matter next week. It is often where we feel like this big problem is something we NEED to attend to or we NEED to focus on! Truth is, it's not. It's just hard to let it go. 

It has been said that "when you're mad you speak the truth" but in reality it is when you speak angry you will regret what you said! I've had plenty of experience in this. What I have learned from taking some time to breathe during an angry episode is that I come back with a clearer mind and I handle the situation like an adult. Don't let your true source of anger take away your happiness! It is all just negative circumstances that are keeping you from being happy. Once you let a negative angry thought in your head, you will begin to create more that were never there in the first place. 

So next time you're angry at something or someone, take a deep breath, sit down, and think. Think for the moment on how this can play out. Think of a positive solution. Think of what good can come from the angry bashing of others, NOTHING. Think good, and breathe more! 



  1. great post dear..

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    1. Thank you! I followed you too, can't wait to see more! :)

  2. These are great tips, especially for a Monday when people are at their grumpiest. It's so important to just step back and breathe sometimes! Hope you're feeling better today as well :)


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    1. Thank you! I am feeling better today, thank god! And yes, sometimes we all have to just breathe and relax! Hope you had a great monday!


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