Monday, October 20, 2014

Motivation Monday; Appreciation!

Happy Monday! I'm not going to lie, as soon as I got onto blogspot, I felt a little overwhelmed with realizing all that I had to do. But once I got on board with my Motivation Monday post, I felt a surge of inspiration. It's quite amazing how some things just give you motivation. I'm so happy that I am feeling much better this week and I am ready for another week of life! 

I wanted to focus on APPRECIATION. Sure, we think we appreciate the things in our life. But sometimes when things don't go our away we lose focus of everything else we have that we should appreciate as well. Because there is something we want so bad, our focus stays on that and we forget about everything we already have; and that's completely normal. We all do it! But I wanted to let you know that we shouldn't let it become a habit! Don't start growing bad habits in your garden because it'll become harder to get them out. We focus so much on what it is that we feel we're missing in our lives that we zone in on the bits and pieces that we want perfected. 

We have to remember that our life is a MASTERPIECE! What we make of it, what we choose for it, is our own masterpiece! Don't focus on every little thing that you don't have. You have to see that the little things you have in life are what make you rich! Sometimes it is what you have that others are missing that make your life special! You might look at someone and say "Man, they have such a nice car and great life!" But don't forget that what you see is an exterior of their life. Sure, they might have nice things but you have a great loving family, good grades, or even a successful job. Don't focus too much on materialistic things that you are missing. Those aren't going to matter when you look back on your life. What's going to matter are the moments that you spent blissfully happy with the special people in your life. Spend your life happy and you'll receive endless happiness. 



  1. This couldn't be more true! I'm always happier when I appreciate more in life as well. Great Motivation Monday as always! Keep them coming!


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    1. Yes, sometimes we lose sight of the simple things that are great in our lives! Thank you Christina!

  2. You always provide great motivation and this is no exception! Extremely wise words and I will definitely be keeping this in mind.

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    1. Thank you Shannon! I'm so glad you enjoy them! :)


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