Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Motivation Monday!

Hey Lovess! 
Happy Monday! I know it's a bit late, (It's Tuesday) but then again it's never too late for some inspiration to start your week off right! Most of us if not all of us feel like we are always busy! It's a never ending circle: we expect more, we do more, and we always want more! But the trick is to be happy with what we have! Be patient for the life that is ahead of us. There is no rush in living. 

In other words people, place, events, and things are given to us sometimes for certain reasons. We don't see it at the time as a gift or something we need, but in the end we figure it out. I started reading the book "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff...and it's all small stuff" and I wanted to share with you a passage from their book - 

"Imagine that everyone is enlightened except you.The people you meet are all here to teach you something. Perhaps the obnoxious driver or disrespectful teenager is here to teach you about patience, the punk rocker might be here to teach you to be less judgmental...Your job is to determine what the people in your life are trying to teach you. You'll find that if you do this, you'll be far less annoyed, bothered, and frustrated by the actions and imperfections of other people. Often, once you discover what someone is trying to teach you, it's easy to let go of your frustration...All you're really doing is changing your perception from "Why are they doing this?" to "What are they trying to teach me?" Take a look around today at all the enlightened people." 
When you begin to do things this way your life becomes much more better and you build this certain understanding and compassion for others. Rather than competing with others or battling everyone this allows us to live a little better, a little lighter. So the next time you are in a rut or feel like "why me" just remember that you are given something you CAN handle. It is for your well being. You are given something to learn and build your character. Whether it be patience, compassion, empathy, or love, circumstances are brought upon us for a reason. Try this and I guarantee you will be living a bit better. 


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